What’s the BIG DEAL? Pure Gas vs Ethanol Blended Fuel? Understanding what the damage ethanol can do to your engines, especially your small engine equipment, is important. Watch the video below.

Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means that Ethanol likes water. During periods of extended storage, Ethanol tends to draw in atmospheric moisture which can lead to a build-up of water in your fuel cell or container. Because the density of water is greater than gasoline, the Ethanol/Water mixture separates from the gasoline and settles to the bottom of the fuel cell. Industry refers to this as Phase Separation, and because the pick-up is located on the bottom of the fuel cell, the first thing sucked up when you try to crank the engine is the Ethanol/Water mixture.

Not only will this cause your lawn mower not to start in the Spring, it will also pump a corrosive cocktail through your engine, and since some of that water/Ethanol cocktail ends up in your crankcase, it contaminates your motor oil as well. This can also lead to other issues in your fuel system including carburetor damage. (information sited at drivenracingoil.com)

PROTECT YOUR ENGINE! We offer 100% pure ethanol free gasoline. Our ethanol free gas is a 90 octane premium gasoline. Ethanol free gasoline has a much greater shelf-life vs ethanol blended gasoline. Our Ethanol Free Gas is perfect for your boats, jet skis, ATV’s, lawn mowers, weed eaters, blowers and can also be used in automobiles. Do the research before trusting your equipment to ethanol blended gas.

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