Express Laundromat

Saving you time and money with express laundry services!

Take back your day and get more done with our high-efficiency washers and dryers.
Our machines are tested, trusted, and made in the USA.
They use less energy and can complete full cycles in about an hour.

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The Express washers spin at 200 times G-force which is twice as fast as a normal commercial washer!


These machines use less energy and can complete wash/dry cycles in about an hour. 


Utilizing Dexter Pay, customers can pay quickly with code 6131, and with fewer loads and faster and more powerful machines, the Express Laundromat saves you time and money.

For questions or more information, visit:

Express Laundromat
HOURS: Everyday, 6am-10pm
ADDRESS: 9145 Suite C Roosevelt Hwy, Palmetto, GA

Geo H. Green Oil supplies and manages numerous Gas Stations, Laundromats, and more.

For more information, visit the rest of our website or contact us at (770) 964-6125.