Our on-site commercial fuel delivery services make things more convenient for you. There are so many benefits that include saving your fleet time, money and unnecessary expense. Plus the additional information we provide that help track of important details pertaining to your trucking fleets. Look at the information below and contact us for orders or for more information.


  1. A Commercial Fuel Delivery Service available for our clients.
  2. On-site fueling services. Being more commonly known as Mobile On-Site Fueling we pump fuel directly into the vehicles and/or equipment. This offers much SAVINGS to your fleet lines and overall profits of your company.

[toggle title=”Increased Personnel Productivity & Cost Savings” open=”false” icon=”ok”]Pay your drivers to deliver your product – not to spend delivery time fueling your trucks. Convert this time into increased delivery to your client which results in more revenue for your business. Most refueling is done at overtime rates so considerable costs can be eliminated by engaging On-Site Refueling to take over your refueling responsibility.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Mileage Savings” open=”false” icon=”ok”]Reduce cost of truck mileage for trips to and from a fuel facility.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Stop Fraud” open=”false” icon=”ok”]Choosing our On-Site Fuel Delivery Service gives your business the protection from unauthorized fuel purchases or other purchases that can occur at a retail fuel facility.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Customized Services” open=”false” icon=”ok”]

  1. Centralized Billing & Detailed Reporting (i.e., Single invoicing for all fuel and a single ticket for every vehicle on the yard).
  2. Customized Fleet Fuel Consumption and Billing Information – daily, weekly or as required through on-site refueling fuel.
  3. Flexible Schedule – puts the fueling of your fleet on your schedule.


[toggle title=”Other Benefits” open=”false” icon=”ok”]

  • Decreased operator labour costs and increased available ‘tacho’ time per driver.
  • Elimination of on-site storage, associated inventory costs and environmental risks.
  • Elimination of misappropriation of fuel.
  • Increased security of goods and staff as a result of fewer stops.
  • Premium Diesel Fuel
  • Non-taxable Off-Road Gas Oil
  • Competitive Prices
  • Guaranteed Products
  • Dual metered trucks carry On-Road Diesel and Off-Road Gas Oil Fuel.


Add these additional services
• Check Engine Oil Levels
• Top Off DEF

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