Policies and Procedures




  1. When there is a cash or inventory variation you may be asked to participate in a security interview.

  2. Repeated cash or inventory variations may result in discharge, transfer, or demotion.

  3. No free merchandise is to be requested or received from salesmen.

  4. All sales of merchandise will be paid for and rung up in full on the cash register at the time of purchase. Either unintentionally or intentionally failing to ring an order may be grounds for dismissal.

  5. The cash register drawers will be kept closed except when rigging up a sale, making change, or when taking the required register readings.

  6. Merchandise consumed or taken home should be recorded by some other store personnel whenever possible.

  7. Only authorized employees will be allowed to do any type of work in or around the store.

  8. Employees will be properly dressed and ready for work at the scheduled time.

  9. Failure to notify the proper authority of an absence from work may be grounds for immediate dismissal for absenteeism, and failure to notify the proper authority of absence for three consecutive days will be considered voluntary resignation.

  10. I fully understand that if I violate any of the foregoing company policies and/or procedures, I will be subject to immediate dismissal.

  11. When processing a Western Union transaction I will follow all the policies/procedures outlined by Management, Western Union, and the Anti-Money Laundering Act.


  1. False statement misrepresentations or fraud in completing the company application form or any other official record.

  2. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while on company property. Employees who report to work, but cannot perform their assigned duties because of the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

  3. Embezzlement of or attempted embezzlement of company funds. (The company will prosecute the offending person or persons to regain its losses)

  4. Borrowing money from store funds. (This includes IOU's and personal checks held for future deposit or redemption.)

  5. Criminal, dishonest immoral, or insubordinate conduct while on duty.

  6. Discourtesy to a customer.

  7. Intentionally overcharging or undercharging a customer.

  8. Intentionally overpricing or underpricing merchandise.

  9. Possession on company property of guns or firearms, knives, bats, pipes or any other weapons that could cause bodily harm.

  10. Leaving or closing and locking the store after reporting to work for any unauthorized reason, except at normal closing.

  11. Intentionally selling alcoholic beverages to customers of illegal age, failing to verify age properly, or intentionally selling during illegal hours.

  12. Not following proper money drop and/or deposit procedures.


    1. No purchasing or playing of Lottery Games while on company time.

    2. No personal cell phone use while on company time.

    3. Personal phone calls on company phones are discouraged and are to be limited to "necessary" calls only (i.e.: a child checking in). The "necessary" calls should be limited to 2 minutes. You should have no more than 3 a day.

    4. No game room playing is allowed while on Company time.

    5. All of your purchases must be rung up by another employee and must be done before being consumed. If you work a shift alone, please ask your manager for specific instructions regarding this item.

    6. No information about another employee is to be released to anyone unless that employee has given permission in writing.

    7. You are to be courteous to customers at all times

NOTE: Written rules cannot cover all conduct, which may be grounds for disciplinary action. Improper conduct or work performance not specifically covered by these rules or policies will be grounds for disciplinary action ranging from a written warning to discharge, depending on the facts of the particular case and the employment history of the employee involved. Unemployment benefits may be denied due to violation of our policy on attendance.

I have carefully read, and I understand fully the foregoing terms of employment. I understand that the first sixty days of my employment is a probationary period. I also understand that any performance or non-performance, on my part, which might otherwise result in some manner of discipline, may result in termination during my first sixty-day with the company.


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